Get inspired and explore food and the way you eat!  

Join us for a seven-day challenge to eat sustainably and smart. The purpose of this challenge is to encourage awareness about food and its effect on the environment. Challenge yourself along with your friends to make daily changes in your food habits. During seven days and seven inspiring challenges, you will explore how to eat more sustainably.

Welcome to join and share your experience with others via social media.

7 Challenges in 7 Days

Day #1 Go green – Be vegetarian for a day
Day #2 Back to basics – Cook your meal from scratch
Day #3 There’s more to explore – Try something new
Day #4 Taste not waste – Love your leftovers
Day #5 Cook together – Eat together
Day #6 Know your farmer – Explore your local foodscape
Day #7 Choose your own challenge today!

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All you need to know

Why? The way food is produced, consumed and wasted impacts our lives, our communities and the planet. There is huge potential to make the food system smarter by changing the way we eat. And there is a lot we can learn from each other!

Who can join? Everyone! You sign up as an individual participant, but you are encouraged to involve friends and family in our challenges. You only need a Facebook account to share your insights with your friends on social media.

How? During the campaign week, April 8–14, one challenge will be announced daily. The challenges are fun and easy to do! You share your take on the challenge by posting a photo, video or text on the Eat Smart Challenge Facebook page.

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